Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this newsletter for? +

Digital Darlings newsletter is designed for influencers, content creators, and bloggers who are looking to turn their online “thing” into a business.

Why should I sign up? +

Our offer to you is simple. We read news and articles relevant to you, do daily grinding, and pitch and partner with awesome brands. Then, once a week, we send you a summary of our work: important updates, actionable tips, brand partnerships we negotiated just for you, and so many other rewards that you can reap without exhausting your own time and effort. If you see value in this, we welcome you with open arms. If not, you can keep doing everything yourself — we admire your grit!

What’s included in this newsletter? +

  • Important news in the influencer marketing realm and updates within social media outlets (mainly Instagram).
  • Social media, growth and monetization tips.
  • Links to useful (and free!) online resources.
  • Brand partnership opportunities: affiliate and ambassador programs, gifting and paid campaigns, and other collaborations (contests, take-overs, giveaways, etc.).
  • Exclusive deals: free or discounted courses, branding resources, services, products and more.

How often will I receive your newsletter? +

Every week. Sunday morning. See you then.

How do I access opportunities on your website? +

After you subscribe, you’ll receive a password to access this page in your next newsletter. Meaning if you subscribe any time after Sunday 6 A.M. ET, you will receive your first Digital Darling letter (and the password within it) the following Sunday. We update the Opportunities page once a week and add new partnerships as they become available with each newsletter release. You can apply for the opportunities straight from your inbox. If you want to review all the opportunities available, you can also log in to view them on our website. The password is updated each month and sent in every newsletter so you can easily copy and paste it to access the Opportunities page.