How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed

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Key Takeaways

What? The most-asked question these days is: “How can I create a beautiful feed and grow my Instagram account?”

So what? The simple answers lie in personality and aesthetics. Quite simply, a user won't subscribe to your brand if it doesn't have a strong personality and instantly recognizable appealing aesthetic.

Now what? The first step toward a solution is to create a strong brand image and identity. Second, develop and implement marketing strategies to raise awareness and tell your brand story that will ultimately attract your tribe.

Remember, the first impression is everything, especially on such a visual platform. Does your brand have a “visual” theme? Do you post quality content vs. low-quality, content? Is your content about topics that resonate with your audience? Are you speaking their language? So, let’s break it down to simple steps to address these points.

Ask yourself: Why a user should follow your account?

Create captivating feed

To create a beautiful feed you need a clear direction. Find accounts you admire in your niche, analyze what you like about them, and create your own mood board. This will give you an idea of what type of content you need to create - what types of subject matter, colors, lighting, editing, etc.

Action plan

  1. Write 3-4 keywords to describe how you would like your brand to be perceived.

  2. Create a folder in Instagram and bookmark accounts and images that inspire you.

Establish categories

Now that you know what feel and look you are going after, start planning what type of content you’ll be creating. By now, you should know exactly who your audience is, how to talk to them and what topics resonate the most.

What’s your goal? What content can you create to achieve this goal? Does this content tell your brand story?

Post photos that reflect your objectives and the end goal. Avoid random imagery that look good on your feed but make no sense as individual photos and or are disconnected from what your do.

Action plan

  1. Plan what type of content you are going to create (photos, videos, gifs, etc.)

  2. Create categories. Choose categories that, when combined, will tell your brand story. For example, an eco-friendly brand can feature product flatlays, products in lifestyle settings, materials used, people who makes products, landscapes of a region, etc. An artisan/artist can post behind-the-scenes images, studio details, tools, product stills, and product in use.

Use quality content + consistent editing

Aesthetics is very powerful in branding and marketing. People love good photography and design. They might not realize it, but they recognize it when they see it. Imagery is your chance to make a good first impression, and custom-created content goes a long way.

You can take amazing photos with an iPhone, and you can definitely use it on the go. However, quality content takes more than just a camera. Understanding lighting, composition and color balance while infusing your brand personality and core values - all of those skills turn good content into high-quality inspirational content that attracts people’s attention.  

Action plan

  • Study the basics of photo composition and a color wheel

  • Shoot in similar lighting conditions

  • Stick to your color palette

  • Use the same filter

Play with free filters to understand what they can do. If you are familiar with editing software, you can purchase Lightroom presets or Photoshop actions. As an alternative, you can also develop your own custom preset or commission an artist to do it for you.

Plan and post regularly

Once you have beautiful content, show it off by posting it in a way that creates a cohesive and balanced feed. The best way to do it is to use one of the planning apps to help you preview your feed before publishing.

Action plan

Planoly, Unum, and Preview are the most popular planning ap options. These apps differ slightly in interface design and user experience, but ultimately do the same thing: Help you build and preview your feed and move images around until you create a visually pleasing canvas.

If you want to get creative with your Instagram theme, Alex and Andrew from Preview app have amazing theme ideas and keep users updated on all the latest Instagram changes.

Write engaging captions

Oh, captions. That’s probably the most challenging part of posting on social media. We’ve all been there, staring at our screens with nothing to say. In frustrating moments like these, go back to basics. Remind yourself why your brand exists in the first place and review your strategy to give you some clarity. You have more to say than you think.

Action plan

  • Know and adopt language your target audience speaks

  • Let your brand personality shine through

  • Make notes from books you read that may inspire your community

  • Share something you learned that can be beneficial to your followers

  • When in doubt, use a quote

Also, apps like Captiona can be helpful, but make sure you don’t overuse it. You don’t want to sound like the million other people who use it. Bolster your unique identity, and rely on an independent voice.

Last Words

Growing your Instagram account may look like a complicated process because it is. It takes time and lots of hard work. But don’t stress. With the right strategy and consistency, you will develop distinguished brand aesthetics, create a beautiful feed, and build a loyal community around your brand.

Let me know if these tips were helpful and feel free to email me your questions and suggestions for the future posts. Happy Instagramming!

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