About Us

The Digital Darlings is a Miami-based team of marketing and creative professionals who work with brands in fashion, beauty and lifestyle verticals.

We specialize in developing brand content strategies, crafting influencer marketing campaigns, and creating story-driven content aligned with overall business goals and objectives.

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questions & Answers

Content Creation

What's your photography rate?


Our rate is $150 (includes shooting time, image processing and delivery management; images are not included). The hour of photography may be used to photograph outfits, products, lifestyle, events, etc. 70% of images taken will be edited to correct lighting and color and delivered via an online gallery.

Images are sold separately and will be available for purchasing in web size (for websites and social sharing) at $5/image.

How many looks are included?

On average, we can capture 3-4 outfit changes during one hour with approx. 150 final images to choose from.

Is retouching (photoshop manipulation) included?

All images are edited to correct color and lighting only. Professional retouching service (touch-ups to skin, clothing and other photo manipulations) is available at $15/image and will be billed separately.


Business photography is billed by half- and full-day rates. The final price is based on the scope of the project and deliverables. Contact us to get a quote.

Influencer Marketing

What am I paying for?

There are a lot of moving parts to manage an influencer program, and we handle all of them including:

  • Identifying the right influencers
  • Connecting with influencers
  • Negotiating payment terms
  • Guaranteeing influencer participation
  • Crafting a creative brief with brand guidelines in mind
  • Contracting and paying influencers
  • Handling content production
  • Checking influencer posts for quality assurance
  • Tracking the performance of your influencer program
  • Reporting on metrics

How do you protect me from using influencers with fake followers or bots?

Though we use technology to find and identify the right fit, we always have humans involved in the vetting process, and we hand-pick influencers to ensure quality.

What's reported and how often?

We track campaign performance and report on metrics at the end of each campaign including Impressions, Reach, Engagement, Views, Purchase Intent, ROI.

How many influencers are included in a program?

It depends on your budget and their fee. We either partner with micro-influencers to find a balance between scale and quality, or we contract macro-influencers for maximum exposure.

Do you include any paid media in your influencer programs?

Paid media is not included. We do, however, recommend allocating budget for it to support your influencer campaign.

Why should I consider outsourcing?

Because outsourcing saves time and money. Typically, influencer marketing SaaS can cost $15,000+ per year to manage campaigns in house. If you do it manually, it’s time consuming and requires extensive resources. We save you both, the time and money.

Why to choose The Digital Darlings over other agencies?

We function as an extension of your marketing team and offer a holistic approach to influencer marketing including strategy, execution, content creation, reporting and seamless integration with your existing marketing and social media plans.